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  1. questionWhat type of Brush or Roller should be used to apply the finish?
    Apply with a high quality a short nap mohair roller or lambs wool applicator and use a natural bristle brush to apply finish around the edges (to ‘cut in’). Before commencing the job, the roller, lambswool applicator and brush (particularly when new) should be thoroughly washed with Urethane Coa ...

  2. questionCan I use Monothane (Polyurethane) to coat Interior Concrete?
    Yes, the key to success in coating interior concrete floors is the preparation. Unfortunately, some old floors that are heavily contaminated with oily substances are probably not worth the trouble of coating with any coating because it is virtually impossible to completely remove some contaminan ...

  3. questionHow should I maintain my Floor?
    While polyurethanes are widely recognised as the most durable surface coatings for floors, they are inevitably subject to wear, particularly when any gritty substance is introduced onto the floor. Grit will act in the same manner as sandpaper, and large particles of grit under shoes or heavy fur ...